Green painted innards of a bicycle bellreCyculture is a celebration of the bicycle in all its forms and contexts. Painted to highlight the perfection of their design, the bikes are conspicuously hidden in the landscape.  They are dada-esque in nature, surprising, unexpected and surreal interventions in the everyday.

A sculptural installation project rooted in local communities & through people’s creative responses.  reCyculture literally puts the bike on a pedestal, exploring issues, thoughts, facts, ideas, the good, the bad and the imaginary, of cycling in the 21st century.

It’s estimated that there are around 27 million bikes in the UK, that’s about 1 in 3 people, but only 6% of bikes are used on a regular basis.  Many sit around in gardens and sheds, gently rusting before finally heading to the tip, which is where we find them to upcycle for our reCyculture projects.

reCyculture installations are site specific, responding to each potential site or location. Projects are bespoke, developed to any budget and for any level of community engagement. Get in touch if you’d like us to develop a project for you: http://www.recyculture.com/contact/

reCyculture is created by Artistic Director, Karen Poley, with Sound Designer, Oliver Aylmer; Poet, Chris Paradox; Maker and Technicians, Simon Bud & Martin Memory; Photographer, Ray Gibson; & Artist and workshop leader, Maria Tribe.