Performance Parking, Wandsworth Arts Festival 2011

In 2011, Wandsworth Arts Festival approached Creative Producer, Karen Poley, to run a project on the Alton Estate in Roehampton. A number of bikes were painted and installed around the estate as part of a Bicycle Ballet workshop and performance project, during the festival.

Two green painted bikes adorn the sides of two blocks of flats, highlighted by the green leaves of a tree standing in the foreground in between them.

Two green bikes leap out of the facade of a block of flats, above the entrance to Roehampton Library.  In the foreground stands a bus signposted 'Roehampton'

Watching the bikes being installed above Roehampton Library, a local resident came up laughing that the installations reminded him of a saying in his country, Romania, ‘Green Horses on the Wall.’ When you see green horses on the wall, you’re dreaming of incredible or impossible ideas, as in ‘a pipe dream’ or ‘when pigs might fly.’